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Hydro-jetting and Root/ Clog  Removal

Roots naturally will find their way to a water source, you septic system is a nutrient rich water source. Roots will invade if allowed every component of a system, busting and clogging lines, destroying tanks, and infiltrating distribution boxes and surge boxes.

Root removal is an early on service we provide using a small tool or our hands we can remove light root infiltration quickly and efficiently. This also applies to small to moderate clogs in pipes. 

Hydrojetting is a more severe approach to not only roots but clogs. This technique uses pressurized water to cut roots and bust thru clogged lines. The PSI can cut thru bone so this should only be done by a pro. This service is used for more advanced roots and clogs, but can also be used to clean lines as the pressure can be adjusted at anytime.


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