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Pumping your septic tank is recommended every 3-5 years. The more usage/people you have in your home it may need pumped more often.

Everything in you home drains to your septic. This means running toilets and leaking spicket will fill up you tank very fast, and could cause backups. Most tanks installed after the 2000's have a tank filter, this should be cleaned every 6month to a year. this filter can clog and cause back ups.

Maintaining your system can prevent damage to other components and help avoid back ups.



Repairs typically are needed when usage, damage, or age causes a system to stop working correctly. All repairs should always be accurately diagnosed by a licensed septic technician. We do have a charge to come out and examine a system failure. Our technicians most of the time can give a quote onsite for repairs. 

A system can fail for a number of reasons, most common is over usage or damage. Your home is only perked for a certain number of occupants and GPD (gallons per day).  Anything over these two amounts is over usage. Damage can be done to a system by driving over, building on top of components, or simple yard chores/projects. Homeowners should know where their components are and avoid those areas. Age is also a contributing factor in repairs, the age of your system definitely impacts the other two causes listed above.  An older system is more prone to damage from over usage than a newer one, both will fail eventually but the older system will most likely be first. Newer systems have more advanced technology at times that can be installed shallow hence damage is more likely.

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